Mt. Diablo Summit (Success!)

Mt. Diablo Summit (Success!)

You may remember my first attempt at summiting Mount Diablo, I was underprepared and made a decision to turn around, something I was disappointed that I had to do, but overall it was the best decision for me at the time. I couldn’t leave this peak unfinished though, so with a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and a lot more time and energy overall, I attempted it again! 

I started out bright and early on the morning of June 16th from the Mitchell Canyon Staging Area, as suggested on SoCal Hiker, my go-to blog for trip planning! (and the host of the 6 Pack of Peaks challenge, which this peak is a part of, and will by my fifth of the six!) 

The last time I attempted this hike, it was very hot and dry. This time the weather was a little bit cooler, especially because I started in the morning and not late afternoon. There were some really beautiful wildflowers along the trail and some HUGE dandelions. I made a wish – that I would be able to summit the peak this time! – 

As I made my way up, I passed several groups of hikers, including one family who was walking verrrrrrrry slowly, and spread out their group to take up the whole trail! I asked them to move aside so I could pass, and they gave me angry looks as they moved aside for me. I didn’t realize that they owned the trail, sorry! *eye roll* I started to jog so I could get further ahead of them, and eventually the trail curved upward and I was far enough away so I slowed back down to a walk. 

Eventually, I made my way up to the pavement part of the trail and found the summit sign, which is still a ways down from the actual summit, which has a building with a big viewing platform. This, like the Umunhum and Mt. Tam summits, is a summit that is drivable (which does take away a little bit from the elation of summiting, I have to admit) and there were many people up at the top, enjoying the views. I took in the views at the top, refilled my water bottles, ate an energy bar, and then pulled out the real prize, a slice of pizza that I had packed! Yum! 

It was very worth it! After I rested a little while longer, I decided it was time to head back down. I had planned on running down after hiking up, so I took off my hiking boots and began to put on my running shoes, at which point a guy (who had driven up to the top) that was sitting there drinking a beer decided to tell me the “best way” to tie my shoes. Thanks random stranger, I obviously don’t know how to do that, seeing as how I just hiked 6ish miles in shoes with shoelaces to get here. I shook off the annoyance and started jogging down across the parking lot. 

Soon I was back at the Mitchell Canyon Staging area, I made better time than I expected on the way down, and to celebrate, I bought an awesome hat with a tarantula on it. My new hiking hat? Maybe! I just really like the spider. 

By the way, if you would like to participate in the Northern California 6 Pack of Peaks challenge, you have until December 31 to finish all six peaks, then you can join me at the finisher’s party in January!  Check out the website or comment below if you have questions! 

My phone got disconnected for a little bit just after mile 5, so the graphs got messed up, but they’re mostly accurate! 

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time! 



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