Solar Panel Unboxing Video!



Today I unboxed my solar panel! It is going to be so great to not have to worry about powering my devices while I am out on the trail! Check out my video below!

(Warning: I have never done an unboxing before, bear with me)

You can get the same solar panel I did, and check out it’s reviews and specs here:

Ravpower Solar Panel 16W with dual USB Ports

I will post another review once I take it on a gear test!

Happy trails!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey Pepper I love your first video. I have not done one but posting a photo I opened haha but great job. I can’t to see more


    1. Pepper says:

      Thanks! 🙂


  2. AlphaRoaming says:

    Those things (Goal Zero brand) were really pricey last I looked a few years ago. When you do your test, I’m curious if it does anything useful under clouds or shade.


    1. Pepper says:

      I will definitely test that out! I also looked into solar a few years ago, much Bette prices now!


      1. AlphaRoaming says:

        I carry a 11000 mAh battery, but I’m not usually out for more than one or two nights. The JMT would be a different story!


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