Hiking With Friends

Last week, we went hiking with some friends that don’t usually go hiking! We went to Car Wreck Trail In Aliso Viejo Canyon. We started at the Top of the World in Laguna Beach and went down from there. I haven’t been able to find a reason why the car is there, or who crashed it, but it is definitely bizarre to see a car wreck in the middle of a dense forest-y area! Someone has spray painted the car blue, and it is littered with sharpied graffiti, a lot of it seemingly done by someone named Riley…who apparently loves Kim. A lot.

We started our hike at around 6:30pm. We had planned on starting at 5, but In-N-Out was calling us, so we just had to make a quick pit stop first. We didn’t really have a plan other than “meet at the Top of the World and go hiking” but we saw the sign for car wreck trail and thought that was an interesting sounding trail, which it was!  

I think my friends had a good time on this hike. I know I did! There was a lot of complaining and “what did you get us into?!?” at first, but afterword, and after some good food, they were asking when we can do this again. I love it when people I love start getting into hiking…now the only question is how to make them go on a backpacking trip with me? Muahahaha!

This is about the point when they are starting to question why they are actually friends with me….almost there guys! (kinda) you can do it!

And here it is! The Wrecked car! aka, a great place for a little nap

I decided that climbing a tree and hanging around like a monkey would be a good way to spend my downtime (it was indeed a great way)

Stats from Ramblr:

Duration: 02:01:00

Avg. Speed: 1.6 MPH

Distance: 3.2 mi

Highest Point: 997 ft

Total Ascent: 807 ft


Jun 1, 2016 6:26 PM
Duration (Total) 2h 1m , Distance 3.2 mi
-Tracked by hikeoutthebox, on Ramblr
Hiked car wreck trail with 4 friends who don’t hike and my boyfriend who does 🙂 fun time!
Click http://rblr.co/IqYj to see more details.



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